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[Saturday, 19 October 2013 17:26]

L4W is a JavaScript/HTML5 based graphic engine, designed to reproduce the look and feel of RPG Maker games (XP version).


It all started as a proof of technology; I just wanted to try out what I would have been capable of creating using Canvas e Javascript, but it quickly degenerated, to a project of an online RPG Maker usable to power a hypotetical Light and Dark 4 (thus the name, which stands for "Light&Dark for web").
I managed to build up the basic system pretty fast, and the results were above my expectation.
The problem is that I hit a brick wall.
Right now the next step on the TODO list would be:
- Creating a tileset manager
- Creating a map creator
- Managing shadows (that's tricky, and a performace killer)
which are cool things too... but I reached that point where you can say "Ok that was fun, let's settle on this" or go on and try to make it real... and right now I don't have much motivation.
Moreover, I found out some guys already created exactly the same kind of tool: http://rpgjs.com/ and did a really excellent job with it.

I have worked for like a month on this and got a pretty decent result; then I stopped and I haven't really wrote more code for some time...
So I decided to publish this, since maybe it is not going to grow bigger that this (and right now I have another project to work on).

Go check it out! You can try also from mobile :)

Visit the project page

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[Mauro] Mauro scrive:
Good work indeed!! I think there may be a place for you in the Forge after all [citation needed]. :)
Friday, 8 November 2013 21:02

[Giova] Giova scrive:
ahah, thanks ;)
Sunday, 10 November 2013 10:15